Exciting times at Productive Web Apps

Wow! **exhale** It’s been a massive past couple of months for us here at Productive Web Apps and it’s been a while since I’ve updated you guys, so I thought I’d try get this blog a bit more active and let you know what you’ve been up to.

  • In case you haven’t already noticed, we underwent a massive redesign of our site. We’ve given much more prominence to the featured apps with the large slider on the homepage and also made some small aesthetic changes that make all the pages cleaner and easier on the eyes. We’ve really focused on making the things that are most important, the web apps, front and centre of the site, so that app discovery is as easy as possible for you guys!
  • We’ve got our Pinterest page up and running. Pinterest in itself is a fantastic web app and I’m amazed how well our web apps came out and look in the Pinterest layout. What do you guys think? Are you jumping on the bandwagon?
  • We’ve had several blogs pick us up and write about us, including: Killer StartupsWeb AppstormWork AwesomeDigitizorMakeUseOfMoomkin and StartupTunes. They’ve all said fantastic things about us and we’ve been loving the feedback we’ve got from new visitors. We thought it was important to share the love back so we’ve launched a new Press page which you can find in the link down the bottom of our site. If anyone else is interested about covering us, feel free to contact me at scott[at]productivewebapps.com
  • We’ve had massive growth in visitors and pageviews over the past few months which is what we want to see! For this site to become even more of a valuable resource, we want to build an active community where there is insightful discussion around all of the web apps you love. We love it when you guys offer your own views and ratings in the comments. So if you’d like to help us further and build our community, get the word out there and follow us on any of our social networks:  Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest.

Thanks so much for being a part of Productive Web Apps and please leave any feedback or comments you have on the site below!

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