Top 10 Web Apps of November 2012

So it’s been a while since you’ve heard from us… and for some of you, a while since you’ve visited us. But as you’ll notice there’s been some big changes here at Productive Web Apps. We’ve completely redesigned the site to make it more simple, clean and easy to use. Once we’ve transferred across all of the posts and fixed up the thumbnails and images, we’ll be back to our regular schedule of posting up regular web apps. But enough carry on, here are the top 10 and best web apps of November 2012.

10. Storify

Storify allows users to build stories from discussions within social media around a certain topic. With social media playing such an important and influencing role in society, it can become interesting to follow how news breaks across twitter, or offer interactive opinions along with your posts or articles. This can be in the form of photos, videos, tweets and more. What they basically do is provide a social spin on stories.

9. Pulse News

Pulse News is a convenient news app that brings you all the latest events and happenings all around the world. Similar to other rss readers, what’s particularly good about this new app compared to others are the gorgeous visuals it offers and the option to choose from which sources you’d like to glean your news, whether it be from blogs, social networks and various news sites.

8. Coursera

Coursera lets you take the worlds best education courses, online and completely free. The site provides comprehensive information on different online courses including interactive quizzes, video lectures, social forums and assignments. We’re big fans of free education here at Productive Web Apps and think all people should have equal opportunities to learn, so we’re a big supporter of the site.

7. Atari Arcade

If someone asked you what the greatest game of all time was, it’s highly likely that you’d be mentioning one of Atari’s. Now with Atari‘s new web app, you can relive the great days of old, playing all the classics like Asteroids but with a nice modern twist. The only annoying aspect of the site is that it comes with a lot of ads. You can get rid of them but have to do so by downloading and using internet explorer…

6. Aereo

Watch live TV online with Aeroe. You can access your local over-the-air channels including all the major broadcasting networks in HD quality right from the conveniance of your browser. Aereo also gives the ability to record your favorite shows and integrates the best of the social web allowing you to discover new favorites with powerful search tools and social recommendations. Like a good web app does, Aereo requires no downloads and can be used on just about any device.

5. Viddy

If Youtube and Instragram had a baby, Viddy is what would be popping out. Viddy is a smartphone application that allows you to quickly capture video, apply instragram-like filters, produce your content and instantly share these snippets with the rest of the world. While we know that it blues the boundaries between mobile and web, it’s an application that does it with class, offering a clean, easy to browse interface within a browser.

4. Airbnb

Airbnb is literally changing the face of travel globally. Not only does it allow you to truly experience the way people live within a city and rent out their swanky pad, it allows you to earn money by renting out extra space effortlessly. Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world. Whether it’s an apartment for a few days, a house for a month, or room for a night, Airbnb promises to offer a unique experience.

3. IMO

You could hear the tears from miles away when Google closed down Meebo. So thank goodness for Imo stepped in. It still lets you chat on AIM, Facebook, Google Talk and nearly every other IM service out there, right from the convenience of your browser. It’s your one stop shop to stay instantly connected with your friends.

2. LastPass

If you’re anything like me you’ll have about a million different online user accounts. One of the most dangerous things you can do is use the same password across these. Once someone grabs it they now have access to everything. So how do we keep track of them if they’re all different? With our little friend LastPass! It automatically fills in passwords, forms, and stores them all in a safe, secure and encrypted location.

1. If This Then That

Do you ever wish you could perform magically move content around the web and have all those annoying little repetitive tasks instantly solved for you? Well If This Then That (IFTTT) delivers a miracle. Create short-cuts for just about any task you complete online and link together any web apps to help your day be more productive.



Let us know what Web Apps we missed out on in the comments below.

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