Top 10 Web Apps of April 2012

You know that we love all kinds of web apps but with so many out there to choose from, how do you decide which ones offer real value? That’s why we thought it’d be a good idea to launch a Top List of our own personal favourite web apps each month.These are our own subjective views, so if you think we’ve left anything out or you disagree, let us know in the comments. The apps we’ve included below, tend to be the ones we’ve either gotten the most value out of ourselves this month or we believe offer the most value to our readers. So without further a due, may I present the Top 10 Web Apps of April 2012…


10. Visual.ly

If “going viral” is your goal, there’s no better way than to present insightful data in an infographic. Find inspiration and create your own free infographics with Visual.ly.

9. Any.Do

Probably the classiest looking yet simple to do list I’ve seen. Best of all, it syncs with Google Tasks which I’ve been using forever. It is also available on android (iphone coming soon).

8. thesixtyone

If you’re sick of the same old top 40 and looking for some new tunes, this is the web app for you.  Great for discovering little-known independent artists and the full screen interface makes browsing the tracks even more exciting.

7. Buffer

Make yourself awesome on social media and schedule your posts more efficiently. Don’t flood your followers with updates. Make sure that each post gets the attention and makes the impact that it deserves.

6. Evernote

I recently feel back in love with Evernote after hearing about ‘The Secret Weapon‘. If you haven’t checked it out already, it is a must read for any productivity enthusiast or people who like to get things done.

5. Habitforge

They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit and this is one of the best tools to help you achieve just that. Featured in two of Tim Ferris’ books, this tool will e-mail you for 21 days straight. If you don’t follow through, the e-mail cycle will start all over again.

4. Endomondo

We all know fitness and health is one of the most important aspects of anyone’s life, but it’s often human nature to ignore it. Track your fitness and achieve your goals with Endomondo. It is the most well rounded fitness web app out there, with android and iphone tools to boot.

3. Pinterest

I didn’t think there was room for another social network, until I started using Pinterest. The user interfact and layout is easier on the eyes to browse images. It’s a nicer way to consume, like, and comment on them too, at least personally. Plus I think out web apps look great on the site!

2. Hype Machine

Hype Machine handpick kickass music from blogs and then presents the tracks for easy discovery and consumption. My favourite is their Popular page, in which a song can only stay up there for a max of 3 days, which means the list stays current and never gets boring. Just click the heart next to a song you like and add it to your own list for safekeeping. While not the most productive web app, probably one which I use the most while I work!

1. Chains.CC

“Don’t break the chain”, as coined by Jerry Seinfeld, is my own personal favourite productivity tip. Every day that you do your task, you mark it as done. Soon the point is no longer the task itself, but keeping the chain intact and achieving a longer chain than before. Chains.CC is by far the best web app I’ve seen to track this. The site not only looks great, but it’s had a huge impact in achieving my goals with small steps each day.


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