Keepify helps you keep your best customers. It uses click-stream data you already collect to predict who might churn and help you target those customers with timely messaging. You can test and track what messaging…



CreditPlus Credit Rating App

The CreditPlus credit rating tool lets you estimate your credit rating free of charge. No need to submit your personal details or sign up with an agency. The tool is based on anonymous data of…

Tiger Pistol


Tiger Pistols

Tiger Pistols a young entrepreneurial crew of 12 – led by Troy Townsend, is helping to make Social Media come to life. With clients ranging from 11 to 85 years, they’re helping everyone stay in line with…




Heet is a completely new way to discover, read, and search for news. Instead of going through long lists of headlines to find news that matter, Heet analyzes every news source out there and brings you the hottest trends….




iBee is a viral marketing tool for iOS apps. It creates buzz about apps and buzzers get paid in cash! You can make money with your iPhone without paying a penny. Launch mobile Safari and…




PassVerse lets you integrate Apples Passbook with your business , It lets you create & manage coupons, loyalty cards and tickets. These coupons, loyalty cards and tickets can be sent to your customers where they…



Volerro – Teamwork Simplified

Volerro is an intuitive content collaboration platform, perfect for Office documents, PDFs, images, video, audio and a whole lot more. Volerro is simplifying the way teams share, refine and distribute all types of digital content….




Dominder.com is a service that allows you to manage all your domains from a single control panel. It facilitates the work greatly, takes less time and it’s just convenient for you. Features: 1. Reminders Each…



Man of Many

Man of Many was established in October 2012 to provide a collection of the the latest and best men’s Products, Gear, Gadgets, Technology and Style. They offer a carefully selected range that will help any modern gentleman…



Top 10 Web Apps of November 2012

So it’s been a while since you’ve heard from us… and for some of you, a while since you’ve visited us. But as you’ll notice there’s been some big changes here at Productive Web Apps….