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Mindlogr is a personal video logging system that allows users to store private video logs that are automatically managed and organized by date. Video entries are made directly through the webcam without the need to…



Ingredient Pairings

Ingredient pairings suggests which ingredient goes well together when you are cooking. Just type the name of the ingredient and you will be provided with a list of compatible ingredients. You can also tell which are…




If you want to learn more about yourself through a website then MercuryApp is a web application that helps you track and record your moods or lifestyle through various kinds of statistics and trends. It rates…




ProtectYourVision is an online application that helps you prevent any kind of computer-related vision syndrome. It basically provides notifications and sends you desktop alerts when it’s time to give your eyes some rest. It also offers…



Are You Watching This?!

Are You Watching This?! is an online service that allows you to keep track of the latest sports news including box scores, team histories and game statistics using RUWTbot. It provides free alerts to sports…




Fanfeedr is a new sports fan site that you can use to acquire as much information as possible about your favourite sports team. It collates relevant information from various sources to create a standardized sports…



Looking for a good exercise music? is just the right solution for you. This application is an online tool that lets you find music suitable for your workouts. It is an app that recommends…




Endomondo is a sports tracker that can be downloaded conveniently into your smartphone. So whatever your sport is – kayaking, running, cycling or just about anything that involves distance then Endomondo might just come in handy…



Better Bracket Maker

Better Bracket Maker lets you create tournament brackets online similar to the ones used for professional games. Aside from this, it also lets you customize its size depending on the length of the label you’re…



Standing Clock

Standing Clock lets you know how many hours you don’t spend sitting on a chair when you’re working. Based on the premise that too much sitting is slowly killing us, Standing Clock gives us a…