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If you own a web business, you know that every single day many of your visitors abandon your site without converting into users or customers. One of the reasons this happens is that your visitors…



CreditPlus Credit Rating App

The CreditPlus credit rating tool lets you estimate your credit rating free of charge. No need to submit your personal details or sign up with an agency. The tool is based on anonymous data of…




BudgetPulse lets you manage your finances without having to link sensitive information like credit card or bank accounts. Just enter your transaction details and your budget goal and it’s ready to use. Track your budgets easily…




  PaySimple provides cloud-based accounts receivable solutions to simplify and empower small businesses. Thousands of small-to-mid-sized businesses use PaySimple’s receivables automation technology to accept electronic payments across multiple payment channels (online and mobile), manage their…




Xoom is a great way to send or transfer money online and internationally. It is fast and secure so you can be rest assured that your money is in good hands. What makes Xoom a…




LinkedLeaks is a web application that lets you to compare your salary with other current and past employees of a particular company so you’ll know if you’re being underpaid or not. What’s good about this…



I.O.U. Mate

I.O.U. Mate enables you to track anything that you owe to your friends. This doesn’t have to be monetary though since you can track anything from books, beers or dinners. It’s free and its simple…




DoughMain is a web application that lets you teach your kids financial literacy interactively. This can be done by connecting your kids’ bank accounts or giving them a reloadable prepaid debit card that’s specifically tailor-made for…




It’s always hard to split monthly bills when a house has different sized rooms with different features and drawbacks. Splitwise attempts to give a fair and impartial calculation of what each person in shared accommodation should…




Have you ever been in the middle of a boring chore and thought “I wish I was getting paid for this”?  Well now you can! allows you to create lists of jobs, and put…