SmartLine Restaurant Wait List Manager and Marketing App

SmartLine is an award winning wait list management solution that replaces the traditional pen and paper and buzzer system. The application allows restaurants to organize their walk-in guests, provide early detection of no-shows, collect pertinent…



Drip Email Marketing

Drip turns your website’s passive traffic into active leads by pulling them into email campaigns that provide value and build trust. Instead of watching 98% of your visitors flee, imagine if you could easily capture…




AuditShark provides you with a second set of eyes on your servers to help keep them secure. Most businesses think that they’re too small to be hacked, but automated scripts don’t care how big or…




Keepify helps you keep your best customers. It uses click-stream data you already collect to predict who might churn and help you target those customers with timely messaging. You can test and track what messaging…




Aircus helps SME to get maximum out of the Internet. They can create simple free responsive website & connect the website with their existing internet properties (Foursquare, Google Places, Yelp, …) and keep all their…




Dominder.com is a service that allows you to manage all your domains from a single control panel. It facilitates the work greatly, takes less time and it’s just convenient for you. Features: 1. Reminders Each…



Reminder Bear

If you want to be automatically reminded of revisiting a page days or weeks from now then Reminder Bear is all you need. It lets you create single-use bookmarks, which alerts and updates you when your…




IPv6 is a new version of Internet Protocol designed to replace IPv4 due to the huge incoming Internet expansion. It is therefore only logical to be able to test if your system will have any…




If you need a placeholder image then Lorempixel generates an image based on your specific requirements. It offers a free service, which lets you select wide ranges of colored and black-and-white placeholder images for editing…



List HD

List HD is a web application that lets you post high quality and large images on craigslist. You can also post videos and logos through List HD that would definitely spice up every advertisement you’ll make….