Dominder.com is a service that allows you to manage all your domains from a single control panel. It facilitates the work greatly, takes less time and it’s just convenient for you.


1. Reminders
Each registrar informs you that the prepaid period expires soon. However, they offer advanced notification options: the ability to receive messages via e-mail and sms to unlimited phone numbers and e-mail addresses, as well as an indication on the quantity of days left. This is useful if there are many domains attached to different e-mail addresses, which could be removed, forgotten, etc. With this feature, the chance of losing your domain is minimal.
2. Monitoring
Your site brings profit while it is running. It is therefore important that the site would constantly work without breakdowns. Even a 10-minute stop is a financial loss and outflow of visitors. At the moment, our service can ping your website and check its availability every 3/5/10/60 minutes and send notifications via e-mail or sms if needed. It also supports an unlimited number of addresses and phone numbers. In a short time they are going to expand this option and allow monitoring various parameters of a website.

3. Safety
Many sites are often subject to break-ins and malware installations, and as a result the site appears in blacklists of anti-virus programs and sites like SpamHaus. Obviously, this fact may lead to a loss of visitors and, therefore, money, because antivirus software and browsers usually block an access to such sites. Every day they check if your sites are listed in bases of Dr.Web, SpamHous, Google Safebrowsing and you will be notified by email and/or sms right away, as soon as they find a potential threat. So that you could quickly take actions to eliminate the problem. The list of control services is constantly expanding.

4. Whois
They store all the changes of domains, including the history of screenshots. You can see the full Whois-information on domains, the history of changes, also you can export any data in a convenient format

5. Notes
Having a large quantity of the sites and constant work on them there are still a lot of things to remember and do. In order not to miss anything, you can use our notes to each of the domains

6. Finances
You may track the expenses on each domain in order to organize working conditions properly. It is possible to add various types of trasactions, add a description, and so on.

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