Mountain America Jerky

Chuck Watson, purveyor of Mountain America Jerky, next to the Jerky smokehouse. Mountain America Jerky has been selling Gourmet jerky products since 1997. We specialize in beef jerky, game meat and exotic jerky.

We are a small company that smokes our product on a daily basis. We do not store or warehouse our jerky products. It’s always fresh. We use a totally handmade, small batch process; from slicing, to marinade, to the smoker and packaging. Our jerky products are preservative free; no MSG, no nitrites.


  • Our game and exotic jerky meat contains no steroids or growth promoters.
  • The same with our Colorado-raised beef.
  • All of our suppliers are USDA/FDA approved.
  • Our facility is also USDA/FDA inspected.
  • The wholesomeness and freshness of our product is assured.

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