Wunderlist is an online web application that allows you to create your daily tasks and organize them from the most important task to be finished to less important. You can keep track of your tasks by reminders and notification sent in your email and also, you can share it to your friends if you’re in need of help or just invite them to help you. You can use the application anywhere and anytime with your iPhone, iPad, Mac and through online application.

To start using this service, just visit the site and sign up for free. When you are done, you can now start creating your list of tasks that needs to be done and organize them in whatever arrangement you like. You can also print your created list from your computer if you prefer to have a hard copy of your tasks.


  • Lets you easily create organized list of tasks use
  • Automatically gives alerts and notifications
  • You can invite friends to help you
  • Supported by iPhone, iPad and Mac
  • Can create your account for free


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