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Convert World

Convert World is an interactive calculator that you can use for converting not just typical units of measurements but also other types that always need to be updated like currencies. The site is available in…




BudgetPulse lets you manage your finances without having to link sensitive information like credit card or bank accounts. Just enter your transaction details and your budget goal and it’s ready to use. Track your budgets easily…



Furniture Design Bank

Supposing that you want to have your own uniquely designed furniture but just don’t have the right tools or resources to do it, Furniture Design Bank will provide the ample resources to help you. It is a…




NearMap allows you to view detailed, high quality maps of your area, right down to street level. Unlike other services like Google Maps, NearMap does not use satellite imagery, opting instead to use high altitude aeroplane…



Resume Builder

Resume Builder provides a professional resume building service. Their tool offers an easy-to-use user interface to create a powerful resume in a few steps. Without the hassle and struggle of figuring out how to format everything…



Online Conversion

Online Conversion is a virtual resource that serves as a calculator and converter for various types of weights and other measurements. It also converts everything automatically if you use their auto-converter tool. To start using this…



Top 10 Web Apps of November 2012

So it’s been a while since you’ve heard from us… and for some of you, a while since you’ve visited us. But as you’ll notice there’s been some big changes here at Productive Web Apps….




Coursera lets you take the worlds best education courses, online and completely free. The site provides comprehensive information on different online courses including interactive quizzes, video lectures, social forums and assignments. We’re big fans of free…



Atari Arcade

If someone asked you what the greatest game of all time was, it’s highly likely that you’d be mentioning one of Atari’s. Now with Atari’s new web app, you can relive the great days of…




Watch live TV online with Aeroe. You can access your local over-the-air channels including all the major broadcasting networks in HD quality right from the conveniance of your browser. Aereo also gives the ability to…