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Airbnb is literally changing the face of travel globally. Not only does it allow you to truly experience the way people live within a city and rent out their swanky pad, it allows you to…



If This Then That

Do you ever wish you could perform magically move content around the web and have all those annoying little repetitive tasks instantly solved for you? Well If This Then That (IFTTT) delivers a miracle. Create short-cuts for just…



Easy WebContent

Easy WebContent is a web based Do It Yourself system that allows Everyone to create and maintain rich interactive content online. From professional websites, to interactive presentations and demos the platform helps anyone with little…



Who Is Hosting This is a webmaster tool which tells you which hosting company any website is using, as well as providing hosting reviews and coupons. The tool is used to gather information about websites (competition, criminal investigations etc.),…



Tree Saver Calculator

With the average office worker using thousands sheets of paper per year, electronic document management software company ColumbiaSoft believes going paperless is a more environmentally sustainable and money-saving way of doing business. This calculator highlights the…




MyEdu is an online educational resource and management site that combines easy-to-use web applications that help students design a personalized graduation plan. It provides a reliable source of information about courses, schedules, professors, academic history and…




  Panabee serves as your online source where you can search for great website names and confirm domain availability. If you are having difficulties branding your product, Panabee is the right website to go as it…




ProtectYourVision is an online application that helps you prevent any kind of computer-related vision syndrome. It basically provides notifications and sends you desktop alerts when it’s time to give your eyes some rest. It also offers…



Are You Watching This?!

Are You Watching This?! is an online service that allows you to keep track of the latest sports news including box scores, team histories and game statistics using RUWTbot. It provides free alerts to sports…




Fanfeedr is a new sports fan site that you can use to acquire as much information as possible about your favourite sports team. It collates relevant information from various sources to create a standardized sports…