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Scrumblr is a simple way to brainstorm and manage your tasks while sharing it with your chosen group. You can add post-it notes against a basic background that offers fewer distractions compared to other brainstorming…



Standing Clock

Standing Clock lets you know how many hours you don’t spend sitting on a chair when you’re working. Based on the premise that too much sitting is slowly killing us, Standing Clock gives us a…




MyWeather is an instant and personalized weather forecast web application. It instantly updates and automatically shows the latest weather information to your city, specified locations or the nearest one from your location. It provides an easy…



Productive Web Apps is now on Google+ Pages!

Productive Web Apps is now on Google+! Feel free to follow us or +1 our site in the top left under our logo. Let us know in the comments below what you’d like to see…




LinkedLeaks is a web application that lets you to compare your salary with other current and past employees of a particular company so you’ll know if you’re being underpaid or not. What’s good about this…




PenZen allows you to write in a minimalist environment without all the clutter and distraction of anything that might disrupt your thinking and writing process. It’s so minimalist in fact, that all you’ll see is…




Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that lets you catalogue and share your photos in a vision board where you can get involved in making your own image collections based on your own chosen theme. You…




Listgeeks is one great place where you can create and share lists about anything and everything that interests you. It functions similar to a social networking site as it lets you connect with other people…




Agilewords is one of the most painless ways to review, edit and collaborate on various documents with your friends. What makes it different than an online word processor is that it lets you preserve your…



I.O.U. Mate

I.O.U. Mate enables you to track anything that you owe to your friends. This doesn’t have to be monetary though since you can track anything from books, beers or dinners. It’s free and its simple…