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Asana lets you and your teammates sync your work together. It is an all-in-one place where you can easily track, coordinate and communicate your progress and workflow with your other colleagues. What’s more is you…




Helloday is a search engine for videos that offer instant access to real and official music videos. This web app does this by letting you choose a specific genre and then you’ll be presented of…




Snowpool is great way to get organize a car pool when visiting ski resorts.It is simple and functional yet it serves its purpose conveniently. What’s great about Snowpool is that it covers four countries which…




Tiki-Toki is a web that lets people create a multimedia and interactive timeline in the convenience of their own browsers. What’s good about Tiki-Toki’s timeline is that it can be embedded with images, videos and…




If you’ve always wanted a convenient all-in-one location where you can shop and browse for all of your favorite brands then Shopstyle will provide you with the same experience – only online. It also serves as…



Web Colorizer

Web Colorizer allows you to change the color of your sites, templates or even any web-related stuff. What makes this web app pretty special is that it does the job effortlessly in just a few…




Scrumblr is a simple way to brainstorm and manage your tasks while sharing it with your chosen group. You can add post-it notes against a basic background that offers fewer distractions compared to other brainstorming…



Standing Clock

Standing Clock lets you know how many hours you don’t spend sitting on a chair when you’re working. Based on the premise that too much sitting is slowly killing us, Standing Clock gives us a…




MyWeather is an instant and personalized weather forecast web application. It instantly updates and automatically shows the latest weather information to your city, specified locations or the nearest one from your location. It provides an easy…



Productive Web Apps is now on Google+ Pages!

Productive Web Apps is now on Google+! Feel free to follow us or +1 our site in the top left under our logo. Let us know in the comments below what you’d like to see…