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It’s always hard to split monthly bills when a house has different sized rooms with different features and drawbacks. Splitwise attempts to give a fair and impartial calculation of what each person in shared accommodation should…




Mlistr keeps track of movies you have watched and enjoyed and uses this information to suggest movies you might like to watch. Features: Track movies you have watched and enjoyed on the site. Mlistr suggests…




Flixster is the world’s largest community for people who are into films and movies. You can find and share movie information, reviews and more with your friends.  Discuss movies online and enter into movie based quizzes!…



I Check Movies

ICheckMovies is a bucket list for all the movies you have seen or want to see. Check all the movies you have seen already off on the list, use the site to find movies you might…




Flickchart is a community of people who like movies and like to rate and discuss them too. It allows you to rate films and create personal favourite lists, and also contribute towards the “Best Movies of…




Todoist is a comprehensive way to make and track your to do lists. Create lists, tasks and subtasks easily and reorder them quickly using the intuitive interface.  Tasks can be one off or recurring, depending on…




Wedoist is a project management solution that focuses on your team. Start your project off by inviting all the members of the team to join, using simple emails.  Once your team members are in place you…




Hipmunk takes a lot of the confusion out of searching for a flight online.  Simply enter which airports you want to fly to and from, and dates and times for those flights. Hipmunk will search for…



Nudge Mail

NudgeMail sends reminders to you via email. You simply need to send an email with your reminder in the main body of the email, and one of many common sense commands for when you want the…




Xmarks is a great way of keeping your bookmarks up to date on multiple computers and across multiple browsers. Simply install Xmarks onto each computer and it will store your bookmarks online and allow you to…