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DoughMain is a web application that lets you teach your kids financial literacy interactively. This can be done by connecting your kids’ bank accounts or giving them a reloadable prepaid debit card that’s specifically tailor-made for…



Social Compare

Social Compare is an innovative community for making comparisons online. You can find original user-generated comparisons tables or create and import your own tables with your own criteria. The social community will then help you…




Moredays believe that organising your life and saving your memories should be much more fun and simple than what you can achieve in most of todays applications. Moredays is a completely new way of planning…




Webplanner is an online collaborative project management application. The web app is feature-filled but easy to learn. Webplanner will have your whole team working together closely and achieving more than ever before. A project summary…



WTF is a Web App?

If you’re wondering what the heck web apps or web applications are then you came to the right place. Essentially, a web app is a website that aids you in carrying out various tasks. Whether…




Famundo helps you to schedule and keep in touch with members of your family, community or organisation. It allows you to keep track of important events, set reminders and set tasks for each member of your…




It’s always hard to split monthly bills when a house has different sized rooms with different features and drawbacks. Splitwise attempts to give a fair and impartial calculation of what each person in shared accommodation should…




Mlistr keeps track of movies you have watched and enjoyed and uses this information to suggest movies you might like to watch. Features: Track movies you have watched and enjoyed on the site. Mlistr suggests…




Flixster is the world’s largest community for people who are into films and movies. You can find and share movie information, reviews and more with your friends.  Discuss movies online and enter into movie based quizzes!…



I Check Movies

ICheckMovies is a bucket list for all the movies you have seen or want to see. Check all the movies you have seen already off on the list, use the site to find movies you might…