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Tomato Timer

Tomato timer is a timer based around the Pomodoro technique of work and study, to maximise your efficiency without tiring you out. This technique uses periods of work/study separated by various break lengths.  The timer lets…



Do Nothing For 2 Minutes

Do Nothing for 2 Minutes uses a countdown timer that resets if you move your mouse or touch the keyboard. Soothing background music, and a relaxing sunset picture is displayed while you calmly wait for your…



Stress Analyst

Stress Analyst helps to guide you through analysing and combatting your stress. Simply answer the questions and read the advice and explanations about stress, and Stress Analyst will help you make sense of why you’re stressed…



Introducing Productive Web Apps

There are fantastic web apps all around the internet that can help you solve all sorts of problems.  But finding them is another matter. And then being able to easily get your hands on what you…



Get Relaxed

GetRelaxed uses a mixture of visually appealing images and gentle, relaxing music to help you lower your stress levels. Images are played as a slideshow while you listen to your choice of 15 soothing music tracks….



Relaxing Nature

Relaxing Nature has 4 different varieties of music and images to help you relax and unwind. You can choose from birds & forest, water & waves, rain or forest soundtracks. Features: Choose from 4 different soundtracks….



Rainy Mood

Rainy Mood helps to soothe and relax you by playing a calming audio track of rain falling. Features: Calming rainfall sounds. Plays when you load the site. Audio repeats automatically. CHECK IT OUT




Evernote helps you remember important things by letting you create notes, store pictures, audio and clip information from webpages. Evernote also contains a smart search so you can quickly search your notes.  Evernote’s search also…




Springpad one of the best ways to help you remember things.  Sure, it lets you keep notes and set reminders, but what’s really clever about Springpad is how it can make those basic things do so…




Daytum allows you to keep track of personal statistics, which are basically any numerical information you want to keep an eye on. Want to keep track of how many calories you are burning at the gym,…