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Rainy Mood

Rainy Mood helps to soothe and relax you by playing a calming audio track of rain falling. Features: Calming rainfall sounds. Plays when you load the site. Audio repeats automatically. CHECK IT OUT




Evernote helps you remember important things by letting you create notes, store pictures, audio and clip information from webpages. Evernote also contains a smart search so you can quickly search your notes.  Evernote’s search also…




Springpad one of the best ways to help you remember things.  Sure, it lets you keep notes and set reminders, but what’s really clever about Springpad is how it can make those basic things do so…




Daytum allows you to keep track of personal statistics, which are basically any numerical information you want to keep an eye on. Want to keep track of how many calories you are burning at the gym,…



Mountain America Jerky

Chuck Watson, purveyor of Mountain America Jerky, next to the Jerky smokehouse. Mountain America Jerky has been selling Gourmet jerky products since 1997. We specialize in beef jerky, game meat and exotic jerky. We are a…



Pixel Ruler

Pixel Ruler allows you to load any website and use a drag and drop ruler to measure anything on the page.   This makes it especially helpful to website creators trying to emulate a particular style or…

upside down text


ʇxǝ┴ uʍop ǝpısd∩

Ever wondered what your name, or any other piece of text, looked like backwards or upside down? Upside Down Text allows you to see exactly that, by choosing whether to flip your chosen text vertically, horizontally…



Google Docs

Google Docs is an extensive suite of software including applications for word processing, spread-sheets, presentations, drawing and data collection/forms.  Each application is fully featured and will be very easy to use for anyone used to…




Trasir (pronounced tracer) will retrieve detailed information about any domain name, URL or IP address you search for.  The information returned includes IP address, hostname, city, country and much more. Features: Search on any IP,…



The Internet Wishlist

The Internet Wishlist is a collection of suggestions, ranging from the serious to the light-hearted, for future applications. If you have a suggestion for an application you’d like to see created, you can simply make a…