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Beacify – Mobile Beacon Managment

BEACIFY is a technology company focused on helping businesses leverage the power of mobile location to attract and engage with consumers while they visit physical locations. The company is led by an accomplished team with…



Twibfy is a social platform for visual inspiration, developed by creatives for creatives. See it as a Pinterest for professionals. Twibfy focusses on quality and not quantity. All user generated content is reviewed by an…



If you own a web business, you know that every single day many of your visitors abandon your site without converting into users or customers. One of the reasons this happens is that your visitors…



Clip Art Lord

Collection of the finest free to use and public domain clip art.




Gather trusted testimonials, genuine customer feedback and insightful product reviews. Collect video responses to specific questions from anyone worldwide. Keep these private or embed directly into your website to build social proof & increase sales.




Lumific is your personal photo assistant, taking the pain out of photo management. Lumific looks through all of your photos, removes duplicates, groups similar images and picks the best for review. Your pictures will automatically…




Mindlogr is a personal video logging system that allows users to store private video logs that are automatically managed and organized by date. Video entries are made directly through the webcam without the need to…




Srvd helps people show different content on their website based on visitor location & settings. Srvd could be used to show different language versions of a website to people coming from different countries. It could…



PDF to Image Converter –

On Smallpdf you find a useful tool to convert your PDFs to images for free. The tool is made for the web and works on all operating systems and all modern browser versions. The files…




smartQ is a workflow visualization app that lets you organize and manage your tasks in a whiteboard-style interface. With customizable workflow, custom task fields and adjustable roles, smartQ can be applied in many areas: ticket…