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Nintendo8 is a site which allows you to play classic 8-bit games in your browser. Systems covered include SNES, NES, Sega Master System, DOS and Commodore 64.  Games are organised by genre and by platform. Features:…



Home Spot HQ

Home Spot HQ is a site offering a one stop solution to all your home maintenance needs.  It allows you to preview common tasks related to maintaining each room in your house and allows you to…




Roomle is a planning tool which allows you to sketch out your room or even your entire house. Once the plans have been sketched you can do many things like painting the walls, adding a floor…



Stain Solutions

Stain Solutions is a collection of searchable solutions to common stains on furniture carpet and clothing. The site allows users to search for a solution to many everyday substances causing stains and displays a step by…




Explania offers animated explanation videos used for how-tos, interactive tutorials and instructional videos. Businesses or individuals can commission an animation explaining their product, idea, concept or term explained in a high impact, animated form.  You…



Free Video Lectures

Free Video Lectures provides video footage of university lectures and classes.The app’s goal is to organize the world’s educational videos and make them universally accessible and down-loadable to all. The courses and videos are grouped…




This site offers a simple timer with several different options. The default timer measures the time elapsed after you open the site in your browser.  Other options are available by changing the URL, which allows you…




Fitango is a fitness and goal tracking web site that does more than just logging your progress.  The site offers guides and expert created action plans to help you in working towards your goals, whatever…



42 Goals

42 Goals is an application which lets you set and monitor your goals.  It allows you to set up goals based on pretty much anything you like – number of cups of coffee drunk, cigarettes…



My Job Chart

My Job Chart allows you to create a list of chores and allocate them to your children.  Once your child completes his or her chores, they are rewarded with points which they can collect. These points…