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Paperless Post

Paperless Post combines the speed of email with the personal touch of sending an old fashioned card. Choose from many styles of card including: birthday, thank you, invitations, change of address, announcements and many, many more. …




Goby is a search engine which focuses on finding fun things for you to do in your free time. Whether you’re looking for an adventure weekend, something to do on a free afternoon or maybe even…




Boarrd is a highly customisable dashboard, which allows you to keep yourself or your team updated on the status of your projects, and other relevant information. The site allows you to create private or shared dashboards,…




Netvibes allows you to display all of your favourite things online in a glorious dashboard interface. You can put weather forecasts, news bulletins, Facebook and Twitter feeds and much, much more onto one page.  Customise…




Plannr uses your preferences on things like budget, location, dates and even how hectic you want your schedule to be, to create a personalised itinerary for your next trip. Using 5 basic steps to enter your…



Album Art Exchange

Album Art Exchange is a community for people who need to find high quality album artwork. It contains a repository of album artwork and CD covers, in high quality format or pre-edited for use in iTunes;…




Nintendo8 is a site which allows you to play classic 8-bit games in your browser. Systems covered include SNES, NES, Sega Master System, DOS and Commodore 64.  Games are organised by genre and by platform. Features:…



Home Spot HQ

Home Spot HQ is a site offering a one stop solution to all your home maintenance needs.  It allows you to preview common tasks related to maintaining each room in your house and allows you to…




Roomle is a planning tool which allows you to sketch out your room or even your entire house. Once the plans have been sketched you can do many things like painting the walls, adding a floor…



Stain Solutions

Stain Solutions is a collection of searchable solutions to common stains on furniture carpet and clothing. The site allows users to search for a solution to many everyday substances causing stains and displays a step by…