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Lumific is your personal photo assistant, taking the pain out of photo management. Lumific looks through all of your photos, removes duplicates, groups similar images and picks the best for review. Your pictures will automatically…




Mindlogr is a personal video logging system that allows users to store private video logs that are automatically managed and organized by date. Video entries are made directly through the webcam without the need to…




Srvd helps people show different content on their website based on visitor location & settings. Srvd could be used to show different language versions of a website to people coming from different countries. It could…



PDF to Image Converter –

On Smallpdf you find a useful tool to convert your PDFs to images for free. The tool is made for the web and works on all operating systems and all modern browser versions. The files…




smartQ is a workflow visualization app that lets you organize and manage your tasks in a whiteboard-style interface. With customizable workflow, custom task fields and adjustable roles, smartQ can be applied in many areas: ticket…




5pm is an online project management and team collaboration app with a simple interface – everything accessible in a click or two. Manage tasks, share files and comments, track progress, and more – all in…




SatoshiGrid is a massive multiplayer game. You have the chance to win BITCOINS if you discover the secret place where de pot is hidden. In addition there’re are a lot of bet multiplier in the…




WishBooklet is a universal wish list and gift crowdfunding platform all in one. WishBooklet is an easy way to share the gifts you want with your friends and family and get them to pitch in…




PDFstash is a PDF reader built for the web. Access your library on the go from your browser. Import PDF documents from your PC, the web, email or twitter. PDFstash keeps track of your position…



ProProfs Survey Maker

ProProfs Survey Maker is a powerful tool using which instructors, online marketer, educational institutions and even business organizations can create comprehensive online surveys. ProProfs Survey software comes with advanced features such as multiple survey question…