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Welcome to Productive Web Apps, a unique interactive collection of the best web applications available online to help you at work and play. We’ve looked at what really grabs you when you’re navigating the web in search of apps to fit your special needs.  And we’ve build something different that takes the hard work out and puts the ease and fun back in.

Until now there has been no one place where you could go to search, compare, rate and comment on hundreds of web apps like Productive Web Apps does. Best of all, Productive Web Apps lets you sort apps by rating, popularity, date added or even alphabetically. And we’ve done the hard work for you: reviewing each app; telling you all the stuff that you need to know; featuring new and cool apps; putting them friendly categories to help you search; and providing links to the apps themselves.

Not only have we made the discovery of new and exciting sites easy for those who love web tools and apps, we’ve made it really easy for developers to get their word out there and build traffic to their web apps. And it’s a breeze to head over to our Submit a Site page to suggest a site if it’s not already on Productive Web Apps or if you are a developer wanting to submit your own site or app. Rating the apps you love or hate is also a breeze.

Productive Web Apps is only young, but growing very fast, so please be patient as we add even more features, sites and apps. Feedback is welcome, so please feel free to do so via the Contact Us page.

Why not stop by the site’s Blog where you can find discussions on everything from the web apps, product reviews, tech gear and tips to make your day more productive.

We want to make your daily life easier and more productive by keeping you up to date with the latest and greatest the web has to offer.

Enjoy the site.

Productive Web Apps is based in Sydney, Australia and was founded in June 2011.

Scott Purcell
CEO and Founder
Productive Web Apps

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