List of Places to Submit and Promote your Startup or Site

A lot of our readers run their own web app, site or startup and come to Productive Web Apps looking for a place to promote and submit their work in order to grow their traffic or user base. We recently had to go through this marketing experience ourselves when we launched a new site Man of Many (http://manofmany) towards the end of 2012, searching out blog after blog, site after site to cover us, and holy **** it was a lot of effort.

Given we are always trying to help market and promote startups in the community, we thought we’d share with you a list of (mostly free) sites, blogs and directories to submit your startup or site for marketing and PR.  We used this list to promote Man of Many and it was critical to building sustainable traffic and SEO. We’ll be updating this list on a regular basis, so let us know in the comments if we’ve missed something out or you would like your own included.

As part of sharing this list, we are also announcing an indefinite 50% drop in our pricing to be reviewed on PWA. $25 for a Basic Submission and $99 for a Premium Submission. Details can be found on the Submit a Site Page.

If you find this list useful to promote your own site, make sure that you share the love and tweet, like, pin, post, tumble and plus the hell out of this link. Cheers guys.


  1. Productive Web Apps
  2. Independent Fashion Bloggers
  3. Bloglovin
  4. New-Startups
  5. Doerz
  6. Startup Directory
  7. SingleFunction
  8. Venturebin
  9. The Startup Pitch
  10. AppUseful
  11. Startup Booster
  12. Startup Pitch
  13. Make Use Of
  14. CrunchBase
  15. ReadWrite
  16. Digg
  17. Reddit
  18. yCombinator
  19. 101 Best Websites
  20. All Top Startups
  21. Web App Rater
  23. Cloud Surfing
  24. Go2Web20
  25. TechPluto
  26. Ziipa
  27. StartUpLift
  28. Startup Tunes
  29. AppVita
  30. FeedMyApp
  31. AllTop
  33. AppAppeal
  34. Killerstartups
  35. Bostinno
  36. Rate My Startup
  37. MoMB
  38. Invite Share
  39. HackerStreet India
  40. StartupMeme
  41. AngelList
  42. Betakit
  43. StartupsStats
  44. WebDev2.0
  45. OnTheApp
  47. Aussie Food Blogs
  48. Consultiq
  49. Apps400
  50. Technorati
  51. Launching Next
  52. AddictiveTips
  53. The Tech Map
  54. Austin Tech Map
  55. Operation 6fig
  56. AllWeb2
  57. The High Tech Directory
  58. StartupTabs
  59. BoxyBlogs
  60. Submit Your Startup
  61. Startup Bird
  63. Nibletz
  64. Top E-Commerce Startups
  65. Let us know what we may have missed in the comments…

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